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E195 - Coaching Generosity With Benjamin Catley - Richardson

“…if you do something every single day that makes you feel happier how can that be a bad thing…”

- Benjamin Catley-Richardson

Speaking with Benjamin it struck us that so many of us come into the sector following a realisation that we can and should be working to change the status quo and improve our communities and society. This idealism is not misplaced in a sector that largely runs on good will and hope.

1. Mental Health

Mental health is of course crucial for us to work at best, but in a sector where many of us are regularly exposed to the front line of need, plus the challenges that come from working in a sector relatively poor in time and resource, our mental health is under regular pressure. Benjamin seems very conversant with these challenges and it was fascinating to hear more about the tools he uses to keep mentally fit. Affirmation routines, gratitude journals, and smiling are some of the tools that can help us to stay present, be thankful and keep going through the difficult times.

2. Why we can’t always think like a business

While charities need to find ways of being as efficient as possible and professional in how they meet compliance and best practice, charities are not businesses and shouldn’t aim to be. Charities need to be professional in their approach but not at the cost of the emotive enthusiasm that led them to be setup in the first place, enables them to show empathy to those they seek to support, and keep them doing their work efficiently.

While businesses run on transactions, charities need to run on relationships and the building of mutual generosity.

3. The Generosity of Giving

How do charities win hearts and minds and understand who is most likely to support their cause? Benjamin spoke about an example where he was moved by an article he read to change his behaviour and support a cause that he would not have supported before. How do charities create this magic?

Something about our stories need to connect with those who are more likely to support our cause. We can’t get to everyone, we shouldn’t aim to, we need to find those who are more likely to want to make an impact in the area of our work.

One thing that Benjamin said that struck a chord was that "It’s the reaching out the actual giving something, finding someone who needs something and giving it to them, that’s true generosity.”

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We hope you enjoy this week’s episode

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